4 letni časi na podeželju

Program je namenjen vsem, ki jih privlači ideja življenja na podeželju. V 4 izkustvenih vikendih bomo skupaj raziskovali možnosti in izzive takšnega življenja. Preberi več

Past international events

  • CLIPS, Erasmus+, first partner meeting January 2019
  • GEN National Networks winter gathering January 2019
  • Dance your dance sustain your future youth exchange under the Erasmus+, Youth in Action program
  • Overcoming blockages with Lizandra Barbuto, June 2018
  • Dragon dreaming Intensive with John Croft, June 2018
  • Date with yourself, April 2018
  • Mother nature, Erasmus+ partners meeting, January 2018
  • Permaculture Teaching Matters, November 2017
  • Transition Network Train the Trainers, October 2017
  • YES initiative annual meeting, April 2017
  • Days of awareness – silent seating, December 2016
  • Inner transition, November 2016
  • Dragon Dreaming, April 2016
  • GEN National network meeting, January 2016

Past national events

  • Open doors and new year’s celebration
  • Silent retreat and art December 2019
  • 13th ecovillage day and day of sustainable communities, September 2019
  • Camino days in Istria, May and September 2019
  • Traditional plastering, May 2018
  • Small permaculture school, 2 days workshop, April 2018
  • Shamanic retreat, April 2018
  • Silent retreat, March 2018
  • Meeting of Slovene Permaculture Association, April 2017
  • Meeting of Transtion hub Slovenia, March 2017
  • Permaculture workshop, Octobre 2016
  • Networking event of Slovene sustainable initiatives, April 2016
  • Hero’s jurney, February 2016
  • Ecovillage day, July 2015

“I wanted to thank you again for being such a great host and welcoming us so well at Sunny Hill. For me it was one of the best sites I’ve been to for a course! I hope to come back in the not too distant future.” – Alfred Decker, permaculture teacher

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