Študijski krožek na Sončnem griču

Pod mentorstvom Marjete Šumrada iz Gozdne šole Hosta in s podporo Andragoškega centra Slovenije, smo imeli na Sončnem griču priložnost izvedbe študijskega krožka na temo Trajnostna kultura bivanja. Člani društva Sončni grič in naši znanci smo v 7 srečanjih študijskega krožka raziskovali pojem trajnosti. Krožkov se je udeleževalo 12 ljudi različnih starosti, izobrazbe in narodnosti. PravContinue reading “Študijski krožek na Sončnem griču”

April Hike through Istrian hinterland

Written by Taco, photos are courtesy of Francois Camino Team:Vida: initiator and president of the Camino d’Istria association Nolwenn: EVS volunteerSara: volunteer Me: EVS volunteer At the end of April we organised the first event of our project: the Camino Days. Five days of discovering three short walks, our first output on the way toContinue reading “April Hike through Istrian hinterland”

Camino Pilgrimage 2

Written by Taco After visiting the old town I decided that that was enough of urban wandering. Time had come to look for more remoteness, untouched nature and faeries… When walking southwards, I discovered that the fairy trees and hobbit burrows were long gone, replaced by hotel mega-structures resembling cruise ships. These buildings took holdContinue reading “Camino Pilgrimage 2”

New EVS opportunity at Sunny Hill

We look for an EVS volunteer from now until the end of September, to join our exciting project Awake Istria. Aim of the project is to bring sustainable activities in depopulated rural  area of the Slovene Istra that in the long run will bring possible local livelihood  and prevent young people from leaving. Three mainContinue reading “New EVS opportunity at Sunny Hill”

New headway of community incubation

by Nara Petrovič, 25.1 2019 European Ecovillages are developing tools for sustainable living We are witnessing a global epidemic of individualism. Communities are disintegrating everywhere. When individuals do come together, trying to rebuild communities, they are usually not up to the task. More than 90% of community-building attempts fail. To address this problem, experienced communityContinue reading “New headway of community incubation”

GEN Europe National Networks gathering at Sunny Hill

Between 17th and 20th of January over 40 representatives of Global Ecovillage Network gathered at Sunny Hill to discuss the role of ecovillages in changing world and create new common projects in the area of youth, revitalisation of rural areas and climate action. Young representatives called Next GEN have joined the meeting for the firstContinue reading “GEN Europe National Networks gathering at Sunny Hill”

„Dance Your Dance, Sustain Our Future “ through the participnat’s eyes

Written by Sara Bene – particiapant of the youth exchange (unedited text) Begining of a new story 25 Youths from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Estonia came at one place Hrvoji, village from where you have a view on Croatia in one direction and Italian city Trieste on another. Surrounded with conserved nature, wild forests, far awayContinue reading “„Dance Your Dance, Sustain Our Future “ through the participnat’s eyes”

Dance your dance, Sustain your feauture Youth exchange at Sunny Hill

See video, that was created by the participants here. July and August have passed by in a blink of an eye… Interesting visitors were dwelling around, bringing diversity, learning opportunities and realization, that this place is becoming too small for everything we want to do, and for all the people who’d like to be partContinue reading “Dance your dance, Sustain your feauture Youth exchange at Sunny Hill”