EVS at Sunny Hill


Two young EVS volunteers are joining us for 12 months to work on Awake Istria project.

Volunteering in Sunny Hill can be life changing experience for young person, that would like to experience community life in luxurious simplicity by living and working with us and at the same time help the local community to awaken dormant potential of this beautiful area.

The program involves development of a new hiking trail and help with organic food production on our permaculture garden. The volunteer will discover possible points of interest along the trail, photograph them, describe them, map them, set up the internet presentation and meet orgaic farmers along the way that will offer food and shelter to hikers.

The volunteers will also have an opportunity to learn  about organic food production.  They will help on our permaculure garden as well as to other organic farmers in the area. They will  learn about how to preserve food and will have the opportunity to experiment with combining tastes and inventing new gastronomic products.  If they will wish so, they will get a smal plot of land to cultivate independantly and experiment with their own ideas.

The volunteers will live with us in our community house and interact with members of the community and international travelers that visit us regularly throughout  the year.

Please come back to this page to read from the first hand,  what their experience looks like.








Grief Copmposting


“Darkness deserves gratitude. It is the alleluia point at which we learn to understand that all growth does not take place in the sunlight.
― Joan D. Chittister


Special visitor came in June. Azul Valerie Thome from SouLand.  She brought a basket with her. In the basket there was a lot of ancient wisdom, playfullness, a drum, some wool and small weaving tools for wombelt weaving. Wombelt is women’s circle where we seat together, share, and weave our most hartfelt wishes and desires into the belts, for ourselves or our lovedones. There was something else in the basket: a lot of pain and grief for the humanity, for the Earth and for the rivers, flowing rivers of the Earth, as rivers of lives of us, humans…  And there was immense compassion in that basket for the refugees, especially women refugees.

Azul shared  her magic with us: a wombelt ritual, where new friendships were weaved in the web of life, connecting the souls for ever. She showed us the power of grieving consciously. Griving for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our fellow humans and other living beings that are victims of our ignorance. In a ritual we composted grief. We haven’t let it go, we haven’t cling on it. By composting the grief, we transformed it to a fertile ground for us, to grow as humans. And we cried, and run tears, and next day was brighter, our smiles were calmer and eyes more shiny.

In September Azul will teach us how to hold a Grief Composting Circle and help others to heal through grief. Training is open and you are warmly invited to join.

See her page SouLand for more info about her work.


Dreams can come true with the help of the Dragon dreaming method for collaborative creation

We are excited  to have John Croft the creator of the Dragon dreaming method comming to Sunny Hill in order to  present this powerfool tool for collective project management. Together with his peer, Lizandra Barbuto from Brazil they will hold two different workshops: Dragon dreaming intensive and Removing blockages

The three principles that sustain the integrated vision of method, model and philosophy of Dragon Dreaming and the successful projects that result from its application are:

  •      Personal growth: commitment to the healing and empowerment of all participants;
  •      Community Building: strengthening and promotion of resilience in the communities of which we are part; and
  •      Service to the Earth: working for the regeneration, well being and flourishing of life itself.

Socially, economically, politically, ecologically, technologically, educationally and culturally we are now in the midst of a huge worldwide interconnected crisis, where many people around the world are trying to find individual solutions to challenges arising in these separate and different fields. The Dragon Dreaming approach offers us the possibility of a new and fully integrated paradigm that simultaneously takes care of ourselves, individually, and of the planet we are sharing with others, collectively.  Building a better world requires discovering how to put a new win-win-win culture into practice, in a way that is applicable to everyday life. We do this by creating and implementing successful projects at many different scales and contexts. Dragon Dreaming is thus a proven and inspiring way to create such projects through which each of us can move beyond the dream and make a real difference in the world.

John Croft explains Dragon dreaming



Luxurious simplicity in Slovene Istra

Sunny Hill association for sustainable culture of living operates in remote rural area of Slovene Istra. It is part of a bigger project Sunny Hills of Istria that works towards sustainable revitalization of this depopulated area. The association organises workshops, retreats, conferences and events immersed in pristine nature, away form the hustle and bustle of the cities but still, only half hour away from tourist centers at Slovene and Croatian Adriatic coast. The work of association is entangled in a vibrant community that hosts long and short term volunteers who help with the household, maintenance, garden and whatever is on the to do list at a time.

Luxuris simplicity is a concept of simple lifestile that doesn’t deprive us from the basic comfort of the modern times.  We share tools and cars, we try to buy only necessary stuff, repair, upcycle and recycle whenever possible, buy bulk and cook together. We are trying to be conscious how our actions effect the environment, other humans and other living beings.

Vrt jesen 2017