New EVS opportunity at Sunny Hill

We look for an EVS volunteer from now until the end of September, to join our exciting project Awake Istria.

Aim of the project is to bring sustainable activities in depopulated rural  area of the Slovene Istra that in the long run will bring possible local livelihood  and prevent young people from leaving. Three main goals of the project are:

  • establish hiking trail Camino Istra as first step towards sustainable tourism, 
  • help to local farmers with the ecological food
  • network in the local community  

Two EVS volunteers will work with us towards these goals.  The tasks will be diverse and the program offers a lot of learning opportunities. You will also have an opportunity to do your own personal project. The volunteer work is 5 days a week. You have  right to 1 additional free day every  month. You get pocket money according to the Erasmus+ daily flat rates. In Slovenia it is 4 EUR/day that will be transfered monthly to your bank account.   

The village where we live is situated on the  border with Croatia, 25 km distance from the coastal town Koper, 450 m above the sea level. During the EVS experience you will live in the community house together with 12 community members. The EVS volunteers have their own room, but shared kitchen and bathroom. They are expected to engage in community houshold activities equally with other members of the community.  We have two dogs, two cats and chickens. The village is remote, closest shop is in nearby village 6 km away as well as the caffe bar. The village is connected to Koper with  bus, that departs 3 times a day during week days. We have shared car that you’ll be able to use according to the terms. 

If you are interested, please fill in this application form 

2 thoughts on “New EVS opportunity at Sunny Hill

  1. Hi Misha, thak you for coming back to me. If our final choice will be Bulgarian candidate, we’ll need sending organisation from Bulgaria. Now we are collecting applications, than we’ll skype with shortlisted candidates and do the final choice. I’ll let you know if this is going to be someone from Bulgaria.


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